Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Tears and Anger

I haven't posted here in well over a year, and probably should have, as a lot has gone on in the past 12 months.

Yesterday, in fact, was the 1 year anniversary of receiving our notice of foreclosure. The bank has done nothing since, and I'm still living here.

But the real reason I came here today was because of this song, Glenn Miller's I've Got a Gal in Kalamazoo.

It's a classic, one my parents enjoyed in the post-war era. Hearing it makes me cry, because it recalls a better time for our country, a time of innocence, a time when the media and government didn't want to control every last bit of our lives. A time when America was truly free. A time I so sorely miss.

Maybe there's no going back to those days, though I'd like to think there was. The song, and others from that era by Benny Goodman, Cab Calloway, Harry James and others bring back so many emotions.

Thoughts of a better time, days long past, also angers me, makes me wonder what the world would be like without the lying politicians which plague us, the bankers, the Lloyd Blankfiens, the Vikram Pandits and the Jamie Dimons of the world, who got bailed out, took down billions in bonuses and still want to rape the homeowners of America with their flimsy, fault-ridden foreclosures.

I hate the banks. We need to rid ourselves of these parasites and the politicians who protect them. Some day Bank of America will come knocking on my door, I know it, wanting their money, or my home. Before that day comes, I must be prepared. It's not exactly easy to get by these days, but when they do come calling, I want to have my anger restrained and some paperwork for them, like the fraudulent mortgage papers by which they swindled my father out of all his equity.

I swear never to give up this house without a fight, and maybe a huge one. I've been waiting for these sick bastards to make a move, but so far they've done nothing. I only need a little more time, maybe a few more months, and then I'll have a lawyer and the paperwork in order to put them in a place they'd rather not go - like federal court, facing fraud charges.

So far, time has been on my side, but only because the bankers are so royally screwed by their own deceit. For now, enjoy the Glenn Miller Orchestra and think of what you'd like our country to represent.

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