Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Bank of America Alone in a Bad Spot; Depressing Housing Facts

Just updating here on the mortgage miasma in America. The bank which foreclosed upon the house in which I currently reside - Bank of America - is featured in a swell article at thestreet.com: Bank of America Stands Alone in Mortgage Mess.

Is it uncool or bad karma to root against the bank that is foreclosing upon one? Probably not. For one thing, banks have been screwing over people for hundreds of years. Maybe the proper karmatic solution is for people to screw over banks for a few hundred years, to kind of even things up.

Second, banks are inanimate, superfluous entities, somewhat apocryphal in that they, being corporations for the most part, are regarded somewhat the same, by the legal system, as people, even though they can't vote and never die. Maybe it's time for some changes in the overarching rules by which we live and are "governed."

I am cheered whenever I hear something bad happening to Bank of America. After all, they're the ones who claim to own this property. Funny thing, neither of us has paid a lick in taxes the past 21 months. Tax payments are likely to be a leverage device, but the banks, in their intimate wisdom, either fail to understand that concept or are just too stupid and cheap to pay taxes on any property.

When it's all said and done, one can only stand in awe of and marvel at the magnificent stupidity of the global banking cartel, but mostly of the American version of it, which has proven beyond doubt to be without answers to the mess they created all by themselves.

So, yeah, the heck with Bank of America. More like Bank of Screw-merica.

The other internet piece is a slideshow over at Business Insider, hauntingly titled 27 Depressing Facts About The Housing Crash That Never Seems To End. It speaks for itself.

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